In our guild, especially on Planet MadMonkeys, fun comes first. And that’s how it’s handled throughout the community.

Explore the world

Explore the world together and face the challenges that arise in the open world.

Run Dungeons

Run together with the guild through dungeons and random events to get to know the full player experience together.

Endgame & Raids

Experience the endgame and go raiding with the guild so that you too can enjoy the accomplishment.

Team events

Regular joint team events take place and are enjoyed by all to the fullest. This is how team spirit and cohesion grow.

Fraktion Horde

Server DE Alleria

VIsit our Guild
and join our community!

Screenshots of the MadMonkeys Guild


Our community is composed of nationalities from all countries of the world


Many of our players stream their experiences to share with you

Social Networking

Activity in all areas that keep you informed and up to date, so you are always up to date


Through shared experiences and progress, our players help each other and learn constantly

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