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We are currently looking for players / teams who want to be active in eSports
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Joint successes and progress through mutual support
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We are planning in-game events and tournaments and other events in the future.
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In our community you do no longer play alone. From players for players
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We are your community

With us you can enjoy fun, excitement and the game to the fullest and explore the world of games in a relaxed way. Help, mutual support and a family atmosphere is very important to us.
We also focus on real life, so that problems are understood and if you ask for help, we can offer a way to support you.

The optimal
gaming life balance
can only be found


Our unique community tackles the latest games that excite everyone. Games that are relevant to the couches are included in the main squad, so that our e-sports activities are constantly growing and thriving.


Our ever-growing server structures support the main games so that we can offer our community the best gaming experience. From match to fun servers, we offer you the complete equipment.


Regular tournaments and events help us together to promote the fun of the game through innovative events. It also fosters a sense of community and helps new players find their way into the community.


The exchange of players in our community is very important to us. There is a constant exchange of information in the provided forums. All your questions will be answered and new players can benefit from the knowledge of our old hands.


A career in e-sports can be pursued with us. Team play and communication an important part of the common success. Only through smooth cooperation can the planned goals be achieved. 


Our numerous managers and operators always offer you exciting progress through their organization and plan for and with you the common success. Regular team meetings form the basis of a good cooperation.

Multilingual Community

Our community is composed of nationalities from all countries of the world


Some of our players stream their experiences to share with you

Social Networking

Activity in all areas that keep you always informed and up to date.


Through shared experiences and progress, our players help each other and learn constantly

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