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Frequently asked Questions...

Basically, joining is very straightforward and easy. Connect yourself easy on our TeamSpeak 3 server (ts.madmonkeys-gaming.de) and wait there in the support section of a supporter. He will then have a short interview with you, explain everything to you and then you can start!
Registration, e-mail or an application are not necessary – we prefer the personal interview.

To join the MadMonkey’s gaming community, you should be at least 18 years old (exceptions are possible, we have U18 channel!). By joining, you automatically agree to our terms and conditions and our rules.
However, it is important that you behave properly and have a pleasant culture of conversation. We are a place of harmony, joy and shared fun, if you can stick to it, nothing stands in the way of joining.

If you are under 18 years of age, membership is only possible if your parents or legal guardians agree to join our community and they inform us by e-mail at info@madmonkeys-gaming.de and give us permission in person at TS3 To give! In addition, we offer you an attractive “community membership” on our Teamspeak server, with which you can move around in a restricted way. In addition, the multigaming area as well as certain marked private channels are accessible to you. Please also contact our TS3 support team.
Remember that you are ONLY allowed to play games that correspond to your age, we adhere to the USK requirement!

Media that are classified as endangering the personal development of children and young people are referred to as “youth-endangering media”. The legal definition of the media harmful to minors is based on § 18 JuSchG (Youth Protection Act).

Yes. The MadMonkey’s gaming community is free and will remain so in the future. However, if you would like to contribute financially, our future VIP ranks are available to you or you can voluntarily donate an amount of your choice. The donations will be used exclusively for the operation of the Community and MadMonkeys gaming is and will remain a non-profit organization.

Yes there is. The trial period is a minimum of 2 weeks and a maximum of 6 weeks (other periods are possible). During this time you are then a contender. Simply contact your guild leader or leader after 2 weeks. You will either receive your MMG member status or your trial period will be extended. You are also welcome to send us criticism, praise or other feedback during the conversation.

Basically, there are no obligations or obligations in our gaming community. If you are absent for more than 2 weeks, however, it would be nice that you voluntarily cancel yourself, either in person or in writing, with your guild leader or leader.

At the moment MadMonkeys Gaming is a pure PC community. In the future, however, we will try to offer a place for console gamers to gamble and exchange … If you are interested in joining our community as a console gamer via Discord on  please take a look at our Discord …

In addition to Teamspeak, there is also a MadMonkey’s Discord, which is used as a forum and there are also areas with a voice channel. However, everything takes place regularly on our teamspeak.

Yes this is not a problem. You can be in multiple communities / clans. As long as this does not conflict with our community or cause any problems.

The easiest way is to register at our own e-sports mail address (esport@madmonkeys-gaming.de). An e-sports manager will get back to you quickly and give you all the information you need! You can find more information on the topic here (click) on our website.

We take every team applying for a Staff posts or member very seriously and take up to 72 hours for this time properly to examine and edit. In any case, you will receive an answer from us. If you have any questions about your application, please contact an admin by email (info@madmonkeys-gaming.de).

In rare cases, at particularly inconvenient times, there may be no Founder / Leader / Officer or Admin / Supporter available at the moment. Please try again at another time. It is best to reach a contact person from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. But best on Fridays and on the weekends :-)!



§1. The minimum age is 18 years. Exceptions are possible.


§2. Real life is paramount. Real life always comes first.


§3. The use of our clan tag in the game is voluntary.


§4. At MadMonkey’s Gaming there is of course the right to freedom of expression. Everyone can speak openly and honestly about anything. We are politically neutral. We observe and follow the applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Germany and the EU.


§5. All instructions from support or management must be accepted and implemented immediately.


§6. If the community rules are disregarded, a warning or even exclusion of the community can be expected, depending on the severity of the offense. The same applies to cheaters, glitcher, bug users and the use of third-party programs that have been CLEARLY prohibited by the publisher / manufacturer or the respective rights holder of the game (information on this from the respective manufacturer or publisher) or any other type or form of deliberate game manipulation.


$ 7. Without exception, we want to be neat, friendly and polite. This also applies to the in-game chat. Other groups / players are to be treated with respect. Insults, racism, discrimination, hatred or the use of “ghetto slang” are absolutely undesirable.


§8th. The TS3 or Discord may only be edited by the owner. The owner is liable for access by third parties.


§9. In principle, you can choose the ingame name yourself. However, if the name is racist, sexist, or otherwise objectionable, the name must be changed. Here, our staff team acts individually with each admission and at their own discretion in consultation with the members concerned.


§9. Every full member has the opportunity to join or found an esports team (application only via the form). Likewise, the right to open new main areas.


§10. It is necessary to have a decent headset. Disturbing noises in the background or background noises generated by the headset itself are not acceptable.


§10. For organizational reasons, the same name should be used on the Teamspeak and Discord as in the game itself.


§11. We are in favor of equality between people with disabilities and people with disabilities or other disabilities.


§12. The sexual orientation is to be accepted and not to be evaluated!


§13. Gender differences or the gender chosen by our members are neither to be evaluated nor to be commented on.


§14. Finally: For ALL members in our community, the German Basic Law as well as the respective EU gesture laws apply in full, as well as the BGB and parts of the HGB, the media law, copyright and data protection law.

§1. Each applicant has to survive a trial period that lasts approximately 14 days. The maximum trial period is 6 weeks.


§2. If you leave our organization, you have the right to have all your stored data deleted at any time. To do this, please send an email to datenschutz@madmonkeys-gaming.de. In order to get the Teamspeak rank “Streamer / Youtuber”, there must be a permanent link to the clan (including logo) in the respective description. There is a template for this in the forum.


§3. Graphics, advertising copy, videos, documents, lists and all other physical items created for MadMonkeys-Gaming automatically become the property of the organization after creation. There is no right to withdrawals or rights to be regained. MadMonkeys-Gaming also holds all rights to documents and website content that have been created in a context to MadMonkeys-Gaming.


§4. Mad Monkeys Gaming operates an internal membership database. By joining, you consent to personal data being collected. Only team members have access to the collected data. These data will not be passed on to third parties or used for advertising purposes.


§5. Trials (trial members) are to be actively included in the game.


§6.  Every e-sports team is obliged to take part in tournaments and championships. The frequency must be discussed individually with e-sports management.


§ 7. Registration is voluntary.


§8. We stand for integration and inclusion, and protect the rights of minors,


§9. In principle, you can choose the ingame name yourself. However, if the name is racist, sexist, or otherwise objectionable, the name must be changed. Here, our staff team acts individually with each admission and at their own discretion in consultation with the members concerned.


§9. Every full member has the opportunity to join or found an esports team (application only via the form). Likewise, the right to open new main areas.


§10. The right to free opinion and its expression provided that it does not violate human dignity, is not unconstitutional, does not endanger young people, and does not violate the currently valid laws of the Federal Republic of Germany or the EU.


§11. The genders W / M / D are to be used.


§12. We adhere to the current and valid data protection law and data protection regulations, the FRG and the EU.


§13. The content of the games / software, names, places and other protected brands and content image, sound and text and their use is at the user’s own risk, all rights are held by the respective manufacturer or publisher.

§1. Each type of match-fixing (Cheating, glitching, Bugusing) or use clearly prohibited third-party software (information from respective Publisher / manufacturer) and the use of illegally acquired software or accounts, the use of an invalid product key, product key, the illicit trade or purchase (trading in and from legally protected game content, gold in-game currency, etc.) is absolutely prohibited and inevitably leads to exclusion from our community!


§2. Error on our used platforms that have been caused by people, may not be used and must be reported immediately.


§3. The publication of private content such as voice recordings, photos, screenshots, private messages in the forum, or private data of individual users (address, reallife first and last name, etc.) is strictly prohibited.


§4. It is forbidden to deface or edit official MadMonkey’s gaming, graphics or wallpapers. This must first be discussed with the support.


§5. Members under 18 have an identifier U18 behind your name, this may Channel and Rooms on the day (Ü18) not be hineingeswitcht enter or in this. For all members under 18, the youth protection law comes to fruition.


§6.  The harassment of minors in whatever form leads to exclusion from the community, the founders report this violation to the parents.


§ 7. Members under 18 years of age need the consent of their legal guardians to use the community or to enter / join the TS / Discord.


§8. The FSK recommendation of the games is adhered to!


§9. Insults, racism, discrimination and hate speech are prohibited without exception, and the use of “ghetto slang” is undesirable.


§10. Playing music / noises or a voice changer is undesirable.


§11. The use of VPNs or proxies is prohibited.


§12. The excessive use of special characters or otherwise disruptive / sexist / racist / forbidden user names is prohibited.


§13. The repeated, switches’ from channel to channel is to be avoided or reduced to a MINIMUM! (Channel hopping).


§14. Channels with the tag (INTERNAL) may only be entered after prior registration!


§15. Offensive or unwanted messages (disconnect message) when leaving the teamspeak are prohibited.


§16. The automatic connection directly in a game channel on the Teamspeak is permitted, provided that this has been allowed by the respective division manager. – Exceptions here are the staff team and esports teams.


§17. Is permitted from joining in the AFK range. In private or internal rooms only upon request!


§18. Music bots are generally allowed on our Teamspeak server and are ONLY operated by the server administrator. You can still use a music bot in your own private room if this has been approved by the server administrator.


§19. The questions about sexual content (eg nude pictures, videos, etc.) is prohibited. Likewise, the unsolicited sending of: pornographic, youth-endangering content, racist texts / images, unconstitutional content or content that falls under the FSK or the Criminal Code / Youth Protection Act, as well as content or texts about human dignity, religious, ethnic, gender or sexual orientation violating or violating are EXCLUSIVELY prohibited!


§17. Is permitted from joining in the AFK range. In private or internal rooms only upon request!


§20. The Moven of newcomers and Membern from the support areas is absolutely prohibited, it may only Founder, Supporter, Admins, Leader.


§21. Disregarding the rules of the offense is to be expected with a warning to the exclusion of the clan according to the severity.


§22. People with disabilities are always on an equal footing.


§23. The following gender characteristics apply: female, male and diverse.


§24. We are for integration and inclusion any discrimination against minorities, no matter how defined, is strictly prohibited!

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